Saturday, August 20, 2005


This is sad, really sad. No, this is worse than sad. This is stupid, idiotic, moronic, assinine, infantile, and something one would expect from the chimp and his staff not from one's home state.

Carl Basham, a decorated Marine, served two tours of duty in Iraq. Since his return from duty there he has learned that he is no longer classified as a resident of the state of Texas. Here's a brief story on this.

Texas Marine told he's not state resident, must pay higher tuition

AUSTIN, Texas A decorated Marine doesn't qualify as a Texas resident any more because of the time he spent serving in Iraq.

That's what Carl Basham says officials told him when he tried to enroll in Austin Community College.He's registered to vote in Texas, has a Texas driver's license and does his banking there. But he says officials told him that's not enough to qualify him for the lower tuition Texas residents pay.That means he'd have to pay around 26-hundred dollars a semester in tuition, instead of about 500 dollars.Basham did two tours of duty in Iraq.Officials at the college will only say Basham didn't meet state requirements. They say privacy laws prevent discussing his case.

It looks like the Bush family has had too much influence in Texas for far too long. It seems like the entire state government is thinking and acting like that dick-headed asshole in the White House, you know the one I'm talking about. The fuckin' jackass who takes more vacation time than anyone else in the history of the world!

Typical Bushevik bullshit! Treat the returning vets like shit! Go serve your country, put your life on the line, loose a body-part or two, get your head permanently fuck-up, and then be told you can't get any government services because you were out of state too long. Oh, what great treatment our returning troops get!

But the chimp can't be bothered with things like this. He has to get on with HIS life, so fuck everybody elses.

There is another story I picked up on from a comment at Alternate Brain this week. There's this from someone by the name of Jon who left this comment.

"There's worse stories. There was a guy in the National Guard in New York. He was wounded in Irag, as a result he lost a lot of his equipment. When he got home he got bills for the equiipment that was destroyed in the IED blast that wounded him. I believe he was also billed for some of his transportation costs home. They then docked his disability pay or the end of his service paychecks to start the repayment of the bills."

Now that's a fucking kick in the ass! The guy got wounded while serving and now they want to charge him for his damaged and lost equipment. Bullshit! That's all it is, bullshit.

That fuckin' cock-sucker on vacation in Crawford doesn't give a damn about those returning troops. Of course why would he. That chicken-shit, piece of crap never served, should have but didn't. Motherfuckin', lily-livered, lyin' bastard start treating our vets the way they should be treated, with honor and respect!


karena said...

They rob these kids blind and no one raises hell. If they make it out alive, with all parts intact, they have to pay for the shit that got blown up.
Carol-Keeton-Strayhorn-Twenty-Names, the
"One Tough Grandma" and mother of Scottie McClellan says she will pay the kids tuition. Someone should have stepped up to the plate way before it got to that point.

Grandpa Eddie said...

It's a "No-Win" situation for the troops all the way around.

It's good to see Grandma step foward like that, but she shouldn't have to the government should have.

Same old bullshit! Pay your taxes, die for your country, and piss on your kids.

Mack said...

Don't read too much into the Austin case. Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incredible f*cking stupidity.

The clerk in Austin is 100% wrong, and an idiot to boot. In Texas, all you have to do to get in-state tuition is sign up for the National Guard. Period, end of story. Texas is big on supporting veterans, believe me - I'm a Texas vet and I have a cheap Texas mortgage to prove it. Yes, Texas even guarentees our vets' mortgages in a program seperate from the VA. Believe me, the state AG will be all over this tomorrow if not sooner.

How could that college even think that this wouldn't make the press and cause a rain of fire down upon their pointy little heads?


Mack said...

Update - it's already been fixed.