Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Here's what the Idiot in Chief has to say about the comparison between Iraq and WWII.

Fro the International Herald Tribune:

Bush invokes World War II in pressing role in Iraq
By Brian Knowlton International Herald Tribune

WASHINGTON President George W. Bush on Tuesday marked the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II in Asia by paying earnest tribute to those who fought on the Allied side to defeat the Japanese Empire.
He did so, in comments to white-uniformed sailors at a naval air station in San Diego, using terms that could, almost without exception, have applied to the administration's arguments for the Iraq war. He also praised a few World War II veterans on hand for "a lasting peace that has been your greatest legacy."
Bush used the occasion, at the end of a monthlong Texas vacation overshadowed by antiwar protests outside his ranch, to express again his determination to prevail in the Iraq war. He also offered an implied criticism of those who want U.S. troops to come home.
"Do we return to the pre-Sept. 11 mindset of isolation and retreat?" he asked the sailors, as he spoke before the backdrop of San Diego Bay, "or do we continue to take the fight to the enemy and support our allies in the broader Middle East?"
"I've made my decision," Bush said forcefully. "We will stay on the offensive, we will stay with the people of Iraq, and we will prevail."
His remarks about World War II drew repeated parallels - spoken or implicit - between the dark days Americans faced after the surprise attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and on New York and Washington in 2001.
"Once again war came to our shores with a surprise attack that killed thousands in cold blood," he said. "Once again we face determined enemies who follow a ruthless ideology that despises everything America stands for."
"After Pearl Harbor, our Pacific fleet was nearly destroyed," Bush said. "Those were dark days for freedom."
"But," he added, "the darkness would not long prevail."
In what appeared a clear reference to the suicide bombers of today - and those who send them to die - Bush noted that in the earlier war, Americans faced "kamikaze pilots on suicidal missions, soldiers who fought to the last man, commanders animated by fanatical beliefs that their nation was ordained to rule the Asian continent."
"In the end," he said, "they were no match for the forces of the United States and our allies."
Bush marked the end of the war in Asia a few days early; this Friday is the 60th anniversary of the day General Douglas MacArthur accepted the Japanese surrender aboard the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
Bush, again drawing apparent comparisons to his calls for Iraq to become a model of democracy in the Muslim world, said that at the end of World War II, "there were many doubters" that Asians were ready for democracy.
But Franklin Roosevelt, Bush said, "knew that the best way to bring peace and stability to the region was by bringing freedom to Japan."
Bush, facing sagging public support for the Iraq war and signs of a growing antiwar movement, has attempted recently in several appearances to buck up Americans' determination to remain in Iraq for now, portraying the cause as a noble one with historic stakes.
He has also - perhaps in response to the criticism from Cindy Sheehan, the mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq who spent much of August protesting near his ranch - sought to give the pro-war cause a human face, as when he celebrated an Idaho woman, Tammy Pruett, whose husband and five sons have served in Iraq.
Bush spoke of a Captain Randy Stone, a marine in Iraq whose grandfathers fought in World War II. The president said Stone felt confident about Iraq, because when he looked at his fellow marines, "in their eyes is the sparkle of victory."
As with his forbears, Bush said, Stone "shares the same willingness to serve a cause greater than himself."
Without mentioning Sheehan, or the number of American dead in Iraq as he did last week, Bush said, "We mourn the loss of every life, we pray for their loved ones, and we will honor their sacrifice by completing the mission and laying the foundation for peace."

Wrong again you fuckin' idiot. There is no comparison between the two. Japan attacked our Naval Base. We declared war. Iraq DID NOT attack us.

Bush, you are a fuckin' fool. You wanted to out do daddy, so you had to be the "War President." You will go down in history, but not how you would like. You will be remembered as the asshole who tried to destory this country and the rest of the world.

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karena said...

What a jerk. How tired his dumb analogies are. I like his stupid line "but the darkness did not prevail too long," or whatever the f it was. Shows what a moron he is. And, you're right, we were not attacked by a country so we had no right to use 911 to invade Iraq.