Saturday, August 27, 2005


This morning from the Associated Press:

Sunnis Cite 13 Problems With Constitution

Four Sunni Arab Cabinet ministers and one Sunni deputy prime minister expressed reservations Saturday about the draft constitution, citing 13 points that they said in a statement need amending.

Although the five are not directly involved in the constitutional talks, such a statement by Sunni figures of that rank indicate grave problems trying to see the draft to the Sunni community without major changes.

The statement was issued by Culture minister Nouri Farhan al-Rawi, Minister of State for Women's Affairs, Azhar Abdel-Karim; the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Saad al-Hardan; Industry Minister Osama al-Najafi; and Deputy Prime Minister Abed Mutlaq al-Jbouri.

The points they listed as unacceptable include apportioning government posts by religious sect, postponing a decision on federalism "to a future period," allowing special status for the Kurds and removal of any mention of Saddam Hussein's Baath Party from the draft.

They also insisted that the constitution must preserve Iraq's "Arab identity." The current draft refers to Iraq as an Islamic — but not Arab — nation.

Sunnis show support for Saddam Hussein in Baquba
Sunnis in Baquba demonstrated against constitution plans

What an idiot Bush is.

Well I hope the Emperor Chimp is proud of himself. His grand idea of democracy in Iraq is about to blow up in his face.

The economy in Iraq is shot. The schools and hospitals have been destroyed. Industry is almost totally non-existant. Tens of thousands of orphans. Women's rights going down the tubes.

What the hell else can you do for the people of Iraq, Mr. Idiot in Chief?

Oh yeah, make sure the Sunnis are kept out of the first election and then work hard to keep them from influencing the drafting of a constitution. Get things stired up to the point that a civil war starts.

This fucking moron some people call their president has completely destroyed an entire country single-handed. Now his policies are pushing the people into a civil war.

You fool! Most of the insurgent attacks are coming from the Sunnis. The violence will increase. There will be more bombings and more kidnappings. Or is this all in his plan to have an excuse to stay in Iraq another 4, 8, or even 12 to 20 years.

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