Saturday, August 20, 2005


On Thursday, 18 August 2005, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, Dem., released a statement to the Associated Press concerning the withdrawl of our troops from Iraq.

Feingold said the United States should set a target date of Dec. 31, 2006, to complete the military mission in Iraq and have all U.S. forces removed from the nation by then.

Russ announced his timetable proposal in detail Thursday at a town hall meeting in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. He told The Associated Press it is based in part on what has happened when other timetables were set in Iraq, effectively setting things in motion to transfer sovereignty, hold elections and prepare a constitution. He said the same thing can be true for the military mission.

According to Sen. Feingold, setting a clear time frame could spur actions by U.S. forces and the Iraqis to accomplish the goal. He also said it would undercut a key recruitment argument of terrorists that they're fighting a U.S. occupation that has no end in sight.

In response to Feingold's proposal Thursday afternoon the Emperor Chimp's spokeswoman Dana Perino said such a deadline would send the wrong message to the troops, the Iraqis and the insurgents.

Just what wrong message would we be sending to the troops? That they'll be able to come home to their families? That they won't have to worry about staying alive? That they won't have to be killing innocent, unarmed people? That they won't be responsible for making more orphans?

Perino said the Iraqis need to know the United States won't pull out of Iraq before completing its mission.

What mission? The chimp said "Mission Accomplished" back in May of 2003. So there's another mission they're talking about now?

If we bring the troops home, the so called insurgents...or are they patriotic freedom fighters... won't have a reason to be blowing things up. Remove the occupying forces and remove the reason to fight.

We need to bring all the troops home and leave Iraq to the Iraqis. Afterall, it is their country not ours. Help them rebuild with financial aid, but let them do it their way not ours. It is high time to let them be themselves.

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