Sunday, October 09, 2005


A doctor in California has started to circulate a petition for the recall election of governor Terminator.You can find out about it at Just Ain't Right.

Go on over, Helen would love to have you.


Shelly said...

I am not a CALIFORNIAN but I think getting him out the way he got in would be great. It was more bullshit by the right!!
I even heard some republicans saying a few months ago that changing the laws so foreigners can run for president wouldn't be a bad thing. (you thinkin' what im thinkin'???)
Well, we all need to be thinking of 06. No matter if your senators are running or not, find an important race where a democrat can take a republican's seat and support that race. This is too important to our country. If the dems can take back the Congress in 06, you will see some heads start to roll!!!!!

Tina said...

Grandpa Eddie: I'm lifting this too from Helen... it is simply priceless! Of course, all proper hat tips will be given. Tee hee... the news about GOPers just keeps getting better every day!

Grandpa Eddie said...

You've probably heard of Rep. James Sensenbrenner the jerk from here in Wisconsin. Well he's up for re-election in '06 and there's a young guy by the name of Bryan relation to Teddy...who's running for the idiot's seat. He's not in my district, but I'm doing everything I can to help get the word out about him.

I'm glad you are/did. The more things like this get spread around the 'net the better.

I'll stop by and take a look. Someone already stopped here from your post.

Shelly said...

There are some big seats coming up, Texas (delay's seat), Pennsylvania (Santorum's seat)...unfortunately, Oklahomas senators are still there. That loser Tom Coburn is always on my shit list.
I think we need to support ANY democrat running against a sitting Republican !!! GET SOME HEADS ROLLING UP THERE!!!!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Not just any Dems. We need ones with brains and the balls to stand up to the evil chimp and the rest of the repubs.

Helen Wheels said...

Thanks for the link! I didn't see it 'til now! Don't have any idea how I missed it, since I was up here yesterday... d'oh!

Thanks Tina as well for linking. Important, indeed - so many stupid people vote for macho, superhero types instead of on the issues. That crap has GOT to stop. The only way is to educate 'em.

I am embarassed Ahnold got in the first time... although I heard from many a friend that their vote got screwed up; there was lots of fraud and problems that never made it to the media (big surprise, eh?).

Grandpa Eddie said...

Glad to have ya as one of my favorites.
Don't worry about not seeing it before. I know how it is, I've done it, too. Go to the same site over and over again before I notice something that's been there the whole time. I do have an excuse though. I was blessed with the joyful insanity of raising four teenagers.