Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The democracy for Iraq that the Emperor Chimp has been waiting for has hit a roadblock.

From BBC online:

On Sunday Shia and Kurdish members of parliament pushed through the changes in the referendum rules on 15 October.

Sunni Arabs reacted angrily to the amendments on Monday.

They believed many registered voters may not show up at the polls because of violence.

Read the full article: UN condemns Iraq charter change

And from the AP via Yahoo: U.N. Eyes Iraq Voting Law Changes


Tina said...

My lifelong friend just stopped back in OH for his dad's birthday this weekend, and he came over for dinner last night before he goes back to Germany (he is an architect for the Army Corps of Engineers.
He is currently on stand-by to go back to New Orleans to help w/ reconstruction efforts, he lived in NOLA during college-- went to Tulane-- and lived there afterwards w/his boyfriend) but anyhoo, since he works on a base in Wiesbaden (sp?) he hears things that us mere civilians don't, and I asked him how much longer will we be in Iraq?
His response (and keep in mind he is a gay Republican who voted for W in 2000, Kerry in 04, and was very pro-war until 04) and he said w/a look of disgust on his face: "It can't last much past spring. This little experiment failed and we all know it is a failure, and 1 of the most expensive ones ever foolishly launched. We (the Army) are flat-fucking broke. At the Army Corps, we don't even know how we are going to be able to pay our engineers. We only have enough money to pay for about 350 workers, but we have 420 workers currently. No wonder the guys in Iraq aren't getting the supplies they need. There is NO MONEY. In fact, since the fiscal yr just wrapped up, this is the 1st time in the 6 yrs I've been working for the Army Corps that we were in the negatives at the end of the fiscal yr. We have so many unpaid and unfinished projects, we don't know what we are gonna do."
How sad is that? The Army Corps in Germany is fixing and upkeeping buildings we rebuilt that we originally destroyed in the days of WWII. How we will be able to rebuild Iraq now that we have destroyed it? I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that we won't. We will put our tails between our legs and cut and run... leaving a monumental mess for the Iraqis to clean up... in addition to everything else they have to and worry about. I thought if you broke it, you bought it... oh that's right... rules never apply to Bush & Co.

Grandpa Eddie said...

One would think that with the amount of our hard earned tax dollars that are put into the defense budget every year that the ACE wouldn't have to worry about funds.
Halliburton and it's offshoots must be taking a hell of alot more then has already been reported.

As far as the rebuilding of Iraq, I can see one of two things happening.
1)More funds that are needed here at home for health care, schools, vet. benefits, and other social services will be taken to be used in Iraq and elsewhere.
2)Bush and the rest of the republicans will stretch this one out until after the '06 elections and end up blaming the lack of funds for rebuilding on the Dems.

The next time you contact your friend, tell him Grandpa Eddie says "Hi" and thanks.