Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today, in a military press release, it was announced that the 2000th member of the US military died this last weekend in Texas from wounds received earlier this month while serving in Iraq.

From Reuters:

US military death toll in Iraq war hits 2,000
Tue Oct 25, 2005 8:17 PM BST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military death toll in the 2 1/2 year Iraq war reached the milestone of 2,000 on Tuesday with the announcement by the Pentagon of a U.S. soldier who died at a hospital in Texas over the weekend.

The Pentagon said Staff Sgt. George Alexander Jr., 34, of Killeen, Texas, died at Brooke Army Medical Centre in San Antonio, Texas, last Saturday of injuries sustained on October 17 in Samarra, Iraq, when a roadside bomb planted by insurgents detonated near his Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

In the Iraq war, which began in March 2003, more than 15,000 U.S. troops also have been wounded in action.

By the time you read this, the total number of US military deaths will likely have surpassed 2000. The number of wounded will also be much greater than the 15,000 mentioned in the above article.

2000 Americans dead, and 15,000 wounded, and how many maimed for life both physically and mentally.

How many Iraqis have died during this time? I don't think anyone really knows. Tens of thousands dead, and tens of thousands maimed. Thousands of children without a parent, or both, here and in Iraq. Parents without children. Orphans wandering the streets in Iraq, dying daily due to starvation, sickness, or disease.

All of this for what? For oil? So Bush could get even with Saddam for "trying to kill my dad" as he said before? Saddam's WMD's...the 9/11 conection...the Saddam-AlQaeda conection, all a pack of lies. All BULLSHIT from a bullshit beady-eyed lying little twerp from Texas that thinks he's the president! Well, the SOB isn't MY president. And for any of you who don't like that statement, I remind you that Gen. Norman Shwartzkoff said the exact same thing about President William Jefferson Clinton.

Too many American lives have been lost or permanently damaged. Way too many Iraqi lives have been wasted and permanently damaged. The time has come for all good freedom loving people to take a stand and tell the government that we will not put up with this fiasco founded lies any longer. It is time to get out and leave Iraq to the Iraqis.


via said...

They have the power to end this thing, but are too cowardly to take a stand and demand that we get out. How can they live with themselves? How can they sleep at night?

Grandpa Eddie said...

There are a few who have spoken out against the war, but far too few. But even those who have spoken out still vote to appropriate money for it's continuance.

I don't know how they can live with themselves or sleep at night, unless they have become so numbed by all of it that it doesn't bother them anymore.

I can't see how they can look their children and grandchildren in the eyes and tell them they are doing the right thing.