Wednesday, October 19, 2005


New figures released today show that the defecit isn't as large as first projected. But it is the third largest in history. The second largest was during 1983 under Reagan. Number One came in last year, thank you very much Presnit Numb-Nuts.

Must be some kind of pattern, the top three all during terms of Republican presidents. All this after Clinton left office leaving a surplus. Didn't take the chimp long to burn through that.

The rest of the story from the AP can be found here: Federal Deficit Below Last Year's Record.

Is this supposed to make us feel better about the $1.35 billion tax cut that the fuckin' idiot chimp gave to all his rich buddies? Doesn't make me feel any better. How about you?


via said...

Worst. president. ever.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Have to agree with ya. Hands down, he's the worst I've ever seen.

Did ya notice that the top two in defecits are both repubs that are/were hawks with massive defense budgets?

Helen Wheels said...

He & his minions loot the treasury, and good ol' "patriotic" 'Murkins stand by & let him, because God told shrub he should be President.

Sickening. THere is no separation of church and state. And now chimp has said he nominated Miers for religious reasons as well. Why the fuck isn't anyone howling about that?? It's beyond ridiculous.

Grandpa Eddie said...

What's really sickening is how Bush took the surplus that was there when Clinton left office and turned it into a 13 digit defecit in less that 5yrs.

There are Senators that are not at all happy with Miers' one word answers that she has given to some of their questions. I think there will be alot of questioning about her religious beliefs when the confermation hearings get started. There is absolutely no reason for her to get a Supreme Court nomination if she puts her religion before the Constitution.