Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Tina said...

Hey Grandpa Eddie... spiffy new colors for the blog. Very nice... and blue... as in Democratic Blue.

I made a copy of this pix. I'm sending it to my dad. It makes him so happy to open these in his email. He prints them out and puts them on the fridge, but he might just print this out and tack it to the center of his dart game.

I emailed him a picture last yr of Bush's face transposed onto the body of a Nazi which was on an actual Nazi-era poster that advocated the glories of the Nazi-youth movement. He loved it so much he had a t-shirt made of it.

I also have a copy of this exact same poster on my fridge, and my baby-girl points at all of these political pix and asks "what's that mommy?" and I answer her.... in let's say creative ways.
Well, when she was at my parent's house, she saw that same Bush= Nazi Youth member picture on their fridge and she points at it and says to my dad: "What that Poppi?" and my dad says: "It's our idiot president baby." and my lil girl says: "No it not Poppi. It the Devil" My dad was cracking up and with massive pride beaming in his face as he looks at me says to my kiddo: "Way to go, Poppi's smart girl!"

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks for the compliment. I like this better than the one before, and so does the Mrs.

Your Dad sounds like a great guy. Wish I could meet him. Tell him I said "Hi" and that we'll get rid of that devil in the WH yet.

Smart girl you've got there. Give her a hug and tell her Grandpa Eddie thinks she's smart, too.

Tina said...

Aaaawww... thanks so kindly Grandpa Eddie. My dad is a pretty cool guy. As an ex-Marine who served 2 tours in Vietnam, my dad is so disgusted with what our nation has become. He loved the movie "The Big Lebowski" mainly b/c of the John Goodman character Walter the ex-Vetnam vet. My dad knows plenty of fellow vets who dwell on their time in Vietnam (my dad would really prefer to not remember it at all if he could) but he does say that Walter is right when he says things "our guys died face down in the muck in Danang so we could all enjoy our freedoms"... freedoms that to my dad's horror, are crumbling before our very eyes.
And I will pass on the kisses and praise to my kiddo... well, truth be told, I can't stop kissing and praising her myself b/c she is so amazing. I can't believe how proud I am of someone so tiny and fiesty. Thanks again.