Sunday, October 23, 2005


A comment by a friend a on a recent post I made got me thinking about Fundimentalist Christians and christianity in general. I am not setting out to get anyone pissed off at me by posting this, but if it happens so be it.

There are all the Dobsons, Falwells, and Robertsons that are constantly telling all of us that we should live the way they think we should. There are those of this same ilk that say one thing and do the exact opposite.

I do not have a problem with the people who live what they preach, just as long as they are not trying to cram their beliefs down my throat or change the Constitution to fit their "needs."

I do have a real big problem with those who tell all of us how we should live our lives, and then do the exact things that they tell us we shouldn't be doing. I also have a big problem with those who get religious when they feel they need it...sickness, death of a family member or friend, in need of money or material things...and then try to make it look like they are always like that.

Then you have the ones who will condemn someone because they may go to a tavern to have a few drinks, whether they get drunk or not, while the one heaping on the condemnation is a closet alcoholic sitting at home every night getting loaded in their basement. You can take this one step further and replace drinks with drugs.

I used to work with a person, a regular every Sunday church-goer, who used an over the counter nasal spray repeatedly all day long. This person would constantly tell me that my smoking was a bad addiction. From what I saw he was addicted to the nasal spray, which could be put on the same level as cigarettes or even cocain. He couldn't go a day without using that nasal spray all day long, plus he was/is a closet alcoholic.

People like this make me want to vomit. I can not stand people who will profess one thing and do something else, or as I said before, will show their christianity when it suits their needs. Kind of like those "christians" who attend church only on Christmas or Easter or both.

I do not mean to infer here that all christians are false or pretenders. I know many who live their beliefs, who do not spend their time condemning others for what they do, and are willing to help others no matter who or what they are.

In closing, those who live what they believe and preach you are OK in my book. To those who preach to people about what is wrong with them, and then turn around and do the same things or worse, stay away from me. I don't need your hypocritical bullshit.

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