Thursday, February 26, 2009


If you don't like vulgar language, I suggest you stop here and go no further, because....


I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of listening to all these whiny-ass Rethuglicans and their "You can't raise taxes on the rich" bullshit, and the "you can't help the strapped homeowners" crap. And let's not forget the line about how "it's their own fault for taking out those loans" being the reason the economy is in the shape it is.

FUCKIN' PISS-ANT RETARDS!!! You rethuglican bastards are the reason this country is floundering, just like a ship takin' on water and all you pricks do is try to find fault in the way WE are trying to bail it out.

That asshole Reagan started this mess over twenty years ago with his voodoo economics, and all you moron assholes think it works...which it never ever did. At least Bush I was right about one thing, and only one.

Trickle down effect. Fuck you and your trickle down theory! The only ones who benefited from that were the rich getting tax cuts while working stiffs like me had to pay for them.

Judd Gregg, Boehner, Jindal, Sartelli, and the rest of you rethugs can all go fuck yourselves! And when you're done fuckin'yourselves you can fuck each other! Your all a bunch of idiots!

Jindal, you can't even make sure the largest city in your state gets repaired, but you think you can tell the people on the west coast that we don't need volcano monitoring. You fuckin' retarded bastard! There's 40 million of my fellow citizens who live within striking distance of active and dormant volcanoes. And just 'cause they're dormant doesn't mean they ain't gonna blow...Mt St Helens is a fine example of that. Besides, you fuckin' idiot, Yellowstone is sitting on one of the biggest, if not the biggest, volcanoes in the whole fuckin' world. Did your parents take your brain out and put it on a shelf when you were a kid? They must have 'cause your head's full of cobwebs and shit. BTW, nice Mr Rodgers impersonation the other night.

And you Sartelli, it was your banker buddies who were giving out all those loans to people who they knew couldn't afford them. So, you mother-fuckin' prick-headed cock-sucker, maybe you should be doin' your bitchin' and whiny-ass cryin' to them. You think it's alright for the government to just hand them taxpayer dollars with no strings attached, but fuck the people they got that money from. FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN' PIECE OF SHIT!

Judd Gregg, you didn't want the Sec. of Commerce job 'cause you didn't want to count anybody during the next census if they didn't have a street address. Yeah, what the hell, we don't need to count all those people who are now living on the street because of the economic know, the one you and your rethuglican buddies have allowed to happen.

Boehner, you're one of those dick-headed assholes that thinks we should keep cuttin' the taxes of the rich! Yeah, I feel real sorry for all those bastards! It's about time that they start payin' a little more in taxes, 'cause I'm mighty fuckin' sick and tired of payin' for them.

All your fuckin' tax cuts for the rich have never helped anyone but them. They don't pay their employees more, they just put it in their pockets. And that trickle-down theory. That's all that is, a theory which has never worked. But you fuck-tard rethuglicans keep goin' back to that 'cause you have no new ideas and you have no clue. In fact, you wouldn't know a clue if it walked up to you and kicked you square in the balls.

There, I feel better now.


Terry said...

I feel better too. Thanks.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You're welcome, Terry.

And thanks for stoppin' by, pal.

Gordon said...

I think yer startin' ta come out of yer shell, Ed...:)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeah, I think I am ,too, Gordon....

...and it's about fuckin' time, I'd say.

HermitJim said...

Hey Eddie...think you said it for me, my brother!

If they wait a day or two, I can just imagine they are going to get a LOT of response from these actions (or inactions) and most of what they will find, is that most of it will be negative!

Well done...

Grandpa Eddie said...

I hope you're right, and I hope it's their own constituents.

Thanks fer stoppin' by, my friend.

One Fly said...

Nicely said Gramps. Time for nice was over years ago.

Thanks for linking to
OTC and happily returned the favor.

Went grouse hunting in Wisconsin once. In trees and didn't even see one only heard them. Crossed the river into Prairie De Chien last fall and enjoyed the old buildings.

Good stuff here!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Hey One Fly, thanks for the link, dude.

I've hunted allot of stuff but never tried grouse. A buddy of mine told me they come outta the tree in a straight line an' then they're just gone.

Glad ya evjoyed the time here in 'Sconsin, my friend.

One Fly said...

And that's just what they do. Never do it again so don't wate your time.