Sunday, February 15, 2009


A friend told me that he's been seein' the pic I had in my sidebar for my profile on a lot of blogs. So I figured I oughta change it.

I thought about puttin' up one of an eagle...I think eagles are just sooooo cool...but couldn't find one I really liked. Then I was thinkin' about one of my hero Thomas Jefferson, but once again couldn't find a good one.

So I settled on a real one. Bad thing is the only one I had of myself was one that had other people in it. At least those people aren't strangers. That's my very best buddy (aka my wife) in the background and my oldest grand-daughter on my lap. The pic's about two years old, but I ain't changed that much in that time.

I really like the 'Yes We Did' pic, so that's gonna stay in the sidebar.

So until I can come up with a better pic of me...or my wife get a look at guys are gonna have to deal with this one.

BTW Gordon, I'm glad you said something. Thanks pal.


HermitJim said...

Looking good, my friend! Looking good!

Grandpa Eddie said...

I thank ya Jim.