Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I watched President Obama's Address to Congress last night. I'm sure many of you did, too. It was one hell of a speech! The man wants to get allot done in a short period of time. All this can be accomplished easily if the rethuglicans are willing to work with him...and if they can't they need to sit down shut-up and get the fuck out of the way, 'cause they sure the hell don't care about anyone going through hard times...or what's really happening to this country.

I noticed that the Rethuglicans sat through most all of the applause last night. Shows just how non-partisan they really are. I guess if it's not exactly what they want it ain't no good.

Here's a link to President Obama's speech: Obama speech to Congress focuses on economy -

Not to leave anybody out, here's Gov. Bobby Jindal's moronic and childish rethuglican response to the President's speech: Jindal calls stimulus 'irresponsible". Holy crap, if anybody is irresponsible it's been the rethuglicans for the last 8+ years. They're the ones who got us in this shit-hole....which really started back with Reagan. He's the one who started fuckin' things up! And every rethuglican since has kept it up and made it worse...well except for when Clinton managed to work around those bastards and get us outta debt.

My pal, Bustednuckles, over at Ornery Bastard put a post up after Jindal got done with his brain dead rethuglican response last night. Here's the link to his post: An Open Letter To Governer Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana. Go read...he really nails Jindal's ass to the wall about his comment about the volcano research Obama wants.

It's time the rethuglicans woke up. I mean, when 80%+ of the people think Obama has the right idea, you'd think those idiots would see it and realize that what they want ain't what the people want.


Gordon over at
Alternate Brain has a post up with parts from a post by Greg Palast.

Here's Gordon's link: "Damn that Lincoln. Abe's to blame for Jindal"
Go check it out. It's an eye-opener.


HermitJim said...

Right on, brother Eddie!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks for stopin' by. Hope ya had a chance to go check out Busted's post.

SheaNC said...

If Jindal is their hope for the future, and Limbaugh is their voice, then one would think we have nothing to worry about. Still, they managed to steal two presidential elections and wreck the country, so I won't underestimate 'em.

Grandpa Eddie said...

....."I won't underestimate 'em."

Shea, I never have and never will trust them, and definitely will never ever underestimate them.