Friday, March 24, 2006


You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for over a week. There is a reason...or several reasons...for that, some of which I will share with you.

It all started a week ago Thursday when, while on the way home from work, the alternator in the truck decided to take a shit on me. Just a wonderful thing when you have eletronic fuel injection...which most everything (except "old" vehicles) has. Kinda hard to keep the fuel flowing without a juiced battery. This is just one thing in a long line of things that have caused us problems with all the vehicles since November. Four flat tires, each on a different vehicle, and all on the side facing the neighbor's house....with whom we have had repeated problems. We have no proof that she, or one of her kids, is doing anything but her track record makes both of us very, very suspicious. We don't have much "extra" money, so it gets very expensive to keep replacing tires.

Most of that is the past...onto the here and now.

Like I said, the alternator started the ol' ball rolling. It was all downhill after that.

We have a shed attached to the back of our garage. It was broken into and things were pulled out. We have no idea who may have done it, if it was a prank, or if someone was trying to get under our skin. I know what you're thinking, and so did we....the neighbor. But instead of making wild accusations, we decided to wait and see if anything happened again. I know, that was foolish...but with the "politics" in this little one-horse town, aka Bum Fuck Egypt, you have to mind your "P's and Q's".

Two days later someone broke into the same shed, again. This time things were removed and left in the neighbor's yard....yeh, same neighbor. The free-standing shed in the yard was also broken into at the same time, possibly by the same person or persons, and there are things missing.

After this second incident the police were called. When the officer arrived we informed him what had happened without accusing anyone of the break-ins. The officer said he would make a report and would also inform the other officers of what happened. He also said that he, as well as the others, would start flashing the squad car search light at the area whenever they go past at night. I felt comfortable with this....not any safer, just comfortable.

The next day a different officer stopped by with an envelope. Inside the envelope was a letter from the building inspector saying that we have 30 days to remove the garage because of it's condition. We went through this last year shortly after Mary started going thru chemo. At that time, because of our money stituation and the treatments Mary was getting, the building inspector worked with us and postponed the tear-down. He said he would make contact with us this year to see if things, financially, had improved.

We both feel that the neighbor turned us in for the garage thinking that we reported her to the police for something, which we didn't. The reason we think this is because we have had problems with her in the past....repeated telephone harrasment, road rage to name just two....and whenever we have reported her she has tried to cause us problems one way or another.

There are other things that have had a hand in this, all of which I am not at liberty to mention here at this time.

All of this has done nothing but cause us more stress....along with Mary not being employed yet and orders where I work being slow and working only 3 to 4 days a week. We are both getting very stressed out.

I really, really want to get back to blogging on a regular basis. I will take a stab at it again today....blogging that is, not the neighbor....and if not today, I promise Saturday.

Sorry I've been MIA, folks. But, you all know how it is...sometimes SHIT HAPPENS that we can't control.

I thank all of you for your patience.
Peace my brothers and sisters.


Granny said...

I wondred that was going on with you. Bummer.

One sentence jumped out. "Mary and chemo". I don't know anything about your life outside the blog but I wish you the best with that.

W're going through it with my daughter right now.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, it's been a bummer alright.

Mary's chemo was for breast cancer.

I am saddened to hear about your daughter. Our thoughts are with her...and you.

I've got the links to a Breast Cancer blog Mary was doing. It's ~~~Sunnyside2day~~~Wife's Blog.

Share it with with your daughter, she may find it very helpful.

Gordon said...

I hate when stuff like that happens. I thank God I have good neighbors. Hang in there.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks, pal.
We're workin' real hard at hangin' in there. Got to, the Mrs won't let me shoot the.....and I'll leave it at that.

Tina said...

I'm really sorry to hear this Grandpa Eddie... but I swear, when it rains, it just has to frickin pour. So, I'm sending you guys giant e-hugs :)

I understand about the work issue. My dad, who has been a steelworker since 1970, has had his work week cut down to 3 to 4 days. Hubby and I aren't rich by any stretch, but I just went to Costco today and dropped off a bunch of stuff for my parents that I bought in bulk. Dad of course says no, but I just put it all away in their cupboards and said too bad, you're keeping this stuff. They've helped Hubby and I out plenty of times.
As for the neighbors... we are fortunate to have great neighbors on either side of us, but the single mother across from us sounds like your neighbor. Her 3 boys have vandalized every home in our neighborhood. They have not however, vandalized our's. Perhaps it is b/c when Hubby does yardwork, cuts the grass on the tractor, and fills up the woodshed for our fireplace, he does so while wearing his Glock holstered to his side.
The mom boldly did send us a letter 2 days after the '04 election saying that we needed to take down our Kerry signs (even though our township says all political signs must be removed within 10 days of an election taking place) and that she was tired of looking at our "stupid & ugly" Virgin Mary lawn statue.
Well... Hubby wrote her a letter back informing her of the township rules on political signs, told her that she was certainly no judge of beauty since her "face could make a freight train take a dirt road", and that if she didn't like looking at our statue then she needs to busy her drunken self with keeping her boys out of our next door neighbor's garage, b/c the next time they break into the garage, we will be handing the videotape from our security system over to the police and our neighbor.
The response? She won't even look our way when we are outside and her boys stop playing basketball and go indoors when we come outside AND just about 2 weeks ago, we noticed a for sale sign in her front yard... he he he he...

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts and the "e-hugs". Both are greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear that your dad's hours have been cut. Sometimes it's hard enough to make ends meet on a 40hr check, and a cut in hours makes it even harder. I understand where your dad is coming from...parents are supposed to help the kids, not the other way around...but I'm sure both he and your mom are pleased they raised such a kind and thoughtful daughter who has a husband that is just as kind and thoughtful.

Unlike you, we have another neighbor, behind us, who keeps trying to claim property which isn't his. He just got done, last fall, building a new 3 car garage which is about 4-6 inches on the other crappy neighbor's property. Should be real funny if and when she sells her place...the sooner the better.

We are lucky to have a nice couple with young kids on the other side. They have been very helpful, especially when Mary was going thru chemo. Sad thing is, they are the farthest away. We own an empty, unbuildable lot between us and them.

PS: Give the munchkin a hug for Grandpa Eddie and tell her we're still thinkin' about her. Say "Hi" to your mom and dad, too, please. Thanks, kid.

Granny said...

My daughter's is intestinal - nasty but with a fair success rate. I'll use the links though - who knows what may happen in future. Thanks.

I'll think good thoughts for you and yours.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Sorry to hear that...but glad the success rate is fairly good, wish it was better though.

Mary's got several links to other sites from her site. Not all deal with breast cancer alone. Your daughter may be able to glean something from one of those.

We shall be thinking of you and your's as well. Thanks.