Sunday, March 05, 2006


I know that we all get times...thinking that there isn't much individuals...can do stop the lies, deceit, and corruption of the Bush administration, the neocons, and the Republicans in Congress. I'm sure we've all spent time just wishing it would all go away.

Well it won't on it's own. We have to keep fighting those lies, deceit, and corruption and bring the truth to the forefront. We can not become numb or complacent....we must fight on.

Today, in Political Cortex, I found a post by Devilstower that has to do with those feelings of anger and numbness. The post refers to a post that is at Daily Kos. Below, you will exerpts from that DK post with a link to the entire post.

It is kinda long, but the author makes very strong points. A very good read...I highly suggest it to any of you who have ever questioned whether what we, as liberal, are doing is doing any good.

You're Still Too Angry
by stephdray

You didn't used to be like this.

You didn't used to get enraged at George Bush's picture whenever it came on the tube. Now you flip him the bird, even if you're standing in front of the bank of televisions at Best Buy. And you never used to wonder if you should even be shopping at Best Buy. You never used to worry about whether or not your money was financing the destruction of the environment, the constitution, your future, your kid's future. You never needed to know what 'Buying Blue' meant.

You used to get along fine with your neighbor when his bumper sticker was Dole/Kemp. You never wanted to key his car until the W sticker showed up and visions of fascism danced in your head.

You used to believe that basically good people went into government, people who were out to improve the nation--people who cared about others, even if some of their ideas were a bit misguided. You used to have faith in our voting system. You used to have faith in voters.

It's different now. You're different now.
Now, whenever you stop to admire the courage of our firefighters on 9/11, or the passengers of Flight 93--those memories are marred by all the awful things we've done since. You want to reflect that 9/11 brought out the best in us, but you know it also brought out the worst.

There was a time you were astounded by this administration's disdain for the law, their reflexive dishonesty, and their malice towards everything you value. Whether it be the environment, the plight of the poor, accountability in government, international law, civil liberties, women's rights, the separation of church and state, jobs, Medicare, social security--the list of New Deal reforms that saved this country and led to the longest period of prosperity in the history of mankind are all subjects of this administration's contempt. You kept thinking that the administration's obvious incompetence alone, their obvious 'out of touch/out of step' approach to American concerns would have destroyed them by now and set things to right. You had faith that the media, those supposed bulldogs of the Fourth Estate, would do something about it.

But sometimes, you wonder if it's better to just shut it off.
You're sure you'd be happier if you just didn't care. If you could go about your life with the now-out-of-fashion apathy that appeals to so many Americans. You want to think only about yourself, your money, your health, your situation, your family, your job. And sometimes, if you let yourself, you can slip into that self-absorbed delusion that everything is ok. Maybe, sometimes, you pick up a newspaper and read about the latest corruption scandal and you just feel numb inside. As if you no longer had the capacity to care. As if you were suffering from outrage overload--and you just can't even feel the blows anymore.

Because you're still too angry to do nothing about it.
You're angry, because you know that you're living in a time of regression. You're living in a time of injustice--not the injustice of things the way they always have been, but a voluntary injustice. We are living in a time when our country could choose to do the right thing, or the wrong thing, and its 'leaders' are choosing the darker path. Don't ignore the plea of your psyche.

Martin Luther King Jr. said "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

You are not here to vent to people, within a chamber, from whence your voice will not escape. You're here because your anger matters. You're angry about things that matter. You want things to change. You're here, because you want to MAKE SOME NOISE.

Fight on! Fight the good fight...we, our children and our children's children, can't afford to lose this fight.


Granny said...

This may have been the one blog I was meant to visit today. Thanks.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I am very glad that it was here for you. I hope more people see this here or somewhere. I feel this is very, very important.

SheaNC said...

Hear hear! Thanks for this one, Grandpa Eddie, it really sums up how so many of us feel.

I go through periods where I am so overwhelmed by the sheer awfulness of the Bush regime, the horribleness of astronomical proportions, that I can hardly bring myself to write. There is so much evil in them, it almost makes me believe in the anti-christ.

Grandpa Eddie said...

I think we all go thru times when we feel that what we are doing isn't doing any good...or at least not as much as we wish it would.

We all have to keep plugging along. People are starting to wake up to what this administration and the Republican dominated Congress are doing to this country and to them personally. Many are realizing that the country is getting screwed....and liberal bloggers have had a big hand in getting their eyes to open.

They've got to hear it from someone somewhere...and they ain't gonna get it from the MSM. Half the time when the MSM does report on something it is because they have picked it up from liberal bloggers.


Gordon said...

But sometimes, you wonder if it's better to just shut it off

NEVER! Then they win. And America loses, never to return.

Helen Wheels said...

OOooh. THat's good. Thank you. I'll keep it in mind... some days I do have to just shut off.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Dead right, my friend.

Hi kid, good to hear from ya....and you're welcome.

I think most of us need to remind ourselves off and on of just why we blog like we do.

granny said...

Thanks Eddie!

I didn't remember commenting on this, but it was another granny so I'm not too far gone yet (LOL)!

Say hi to Mary, it has been a really long time since she updated, I hope she is doing better.

Oh, My Montana buds at Intelligent Discontent are on the Feingold bandwagon, I started to tell them about you but I ran out of steam.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Granny,'re not any farther gone then any of the rest of us loonies in this boobie hatch :^)

Mary's doing alot better. Energy is back...havin' trouble sometimes keepin' up with her. Her hair is's about 3/4 in long, and it's dark brown/gray/white, looks real nice. Thanks for askin'. I'll let Mary know.

Tell your buds at Intelligent Discontent that I, for one, thank them for jumping on with Russ...and thanks for mentioning me to them. Do you have a link to a blog or something for them, and if so could you leave it in a comment for me? Thanks, Granny.

granny said...

I didn't mention you because I ran out of steam, but this is where they are:

They are good guys, too.

Glad mary is regaining some steam:)

Grandpa Eddie said...

Well...thanks anyway, kid.

Thanks for the link, Granny. I'll go check out their blog.

Glad mary is regaining some steam:)

So is she.