Monday, March 06, 2006


The Democratic National Committee is going to be doing a series of articles on just how secure the Bush administration and the Republican controled Congress are keeping these United States. Buzz Flash will be carrying them.Today is the first in the series. I'm not sure if this will be a daily item or not, but as they do I will post them.

Today's item of security...or insecurity:

Homeland In-Security Watch, #1: Port Security

From the DNC:

Washington, DC- Karl Rove and the Republicans argue that the issue of security will propel them to victory in 2006, but the truth is Republican leaders have been weak on security. Four years after 9/11, President Bush and Republicans in Congress have demonstrated a pre-9/11 mentality and made the wrong choices, which have made America less safe. In fact, according to recent national polls, the American people no longer believe Republicans can keep them secure.

Each day, the Democratic National Committee will issue a "Homeland In-security Watch" to spotlight specific security lapses that have occurred under the watch of the Bush White House and the Bush-led Republican Congress.

Our inaugural installment focuses on the Bush Administration's failures to make our nation's ports safe and secure. Democrats have long argued that the White House is dangerously under-funding port security and also fought to increase funding for border security and cargo inspection.

"Republicans simply can't be trusted to make the right decisions when it comes to security and keeping Americans safe," said Democratic National Committee Communications Director Karen Finney. "Americans trusted the Bush White House and the Bush-led Congress to protect their security, but were instead given only tough talk and recycled rhetoric. Democrats believe America can do better than a Congress that rubberstamps the Bush Administration's incompetence. Democrats will continue with our efforts to make sure our ports and borders are secure, and make homeland security a real priority."

Port Security: A House Of Cards

DHS Report Card: Bush Administration Gets "C-/D+" on Port Security; Bush Port Policies A "House of Cards." The Democratic Staff of the Committee on Homeland Security's annual report card on the Department of Homeland Security gave the department a C-/D+ on its port security policies. They called the current port security regime a "house of cards," and noted that containers arriving at American ports are rarely inspected and that the Department "remains unaware of security arrangements at foreign ports and vessels shipping goods to the United States." In addition to the threats millions of Americans face as a result of the Bush White House's failed port policies, it was estimated that "a terrorist attack at a major U.S. seaport would cause $60 billion in economic damages." [Democratic Staff of the Committee on Homeland Security, Annual Report Card, 2/06]

That's just a part of the entire article. The rest has all the dollar amounts listed that the Republicans rejected. Below is the link to the rest. GO READ! The Republicans don't care if we are or are not secure!

The DNC's "Homeland In-Security Watch" -- #1: Port Security 3/7


Shelly said...

Hey gramps...
Great post. What the hell were they thinking? Probably that this deal would be done and no body would notice.
It is amazing what comes out when people...the press...the bloggers...start paying attention.
We are, however, talking about an administration that appointed a DVM (okay, lets give him some credit he was an animal husbandry expert) to the head of the Women's Health Dept. at the FDA. But it wasn't until someone woke up and paid attention that he was removed.
Reminds me of my 6 year old daughter who thinks cleaning her room means shoving everything under her bed and pulling her comforter down to the floor so I won't see.....duh!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Part of the problem is that when a bill is passed or rejected by either house of Congress, the MSM never really cover just what is/was in said bill. We all have to go digging to find out. Another place where the MSM has fallen down on the job.

Heh...your daughter shoves stuff under the youngest daughter used to fill her closet and then put a chair in front of the door to keep it from opening. I made the mistake of pulling the chair away once...and got buried.