Sunday, March 12, 2006


Back on February 25th, my pal Shea from Constantly Amazed had a post up on the differences between Bill Clinton and Bush Jr on their responses to terrorism and terrorist threats.

An excellant post it is. Shea shows how Clinton took charge and got things opposed to how Bush and his cronies sat on their hands and did nothing.

It also tells how the Republican controled Congress rejected almost everything that that Clinton tried to get done to make us as safe and secure as possible. I guess that tells alot about how the Republicans don't care about homeland security.

Here's the link to Shea's post.

Clinton Ran a More Effective War on Terror

Go read and see what Clinton did do and what Bush didn't do.

Thanks again to my pal Shea.
Thanks buddy.


SheaNC said...

Thanks for the link-up! I just get so fed up with the right-wing media pounding away about how Clinton "did nothing about Al Qaeda", or about Bin Laden, etc., when the opposite is true.

I just remembered something else: in April 2001, Bush gave the Taliban 43 million dollars!

EconAtheist said...

Man... we could blog this stuff until the cows come home... but I still don't see a pathetic MSM ever getting on the ball with a story like this.

/did the cows ever leave? * =| *

Grandpa Eddie said...

Boy do I hear ya on that one. Every time I hear the MSM bashing Clinton about that shit, or praise Bush for his "war on terrah", I get so pissed off and start yelling and cussing at the TV....I think th ol' BP goes up about 20 points.

Hey, pal, thanks for the new link.

Peace, brother.

The MSM would have to grow balls first.
Hell, most women have more for balls in the tip of their pinkies then the MSM has as a whole.

Yes, the cows did leave...but only once. Of course, they haven't come back least I don't think they have. Maybe I better check :^)

Peace, brother.