Friday, November 11, 2005


Bob Geiger at The Yellow Dog has a great post up. It's a letter from him to the chimp about Veterans and Veterans Day.

"Those of us who have served in the military know the rigors of boot camp, the positive aspects of completing that introduction to true mental and physical discipline and the lifelong feeling of pride in successfully finishing those hard months. Many of us have also held a rifle, fired that weapon at another human, had bullets come at us and know what that truly means."

"And no, Mr. President, it's not the toy-soldier, "bring-it-on" thrill that your protected, sheltered experience would lead you to believe. It is terrifying. You're scared to death, shoot at almost anything that moves and pray to whatever deity you worship that you see tomorrow. But you would have no way of knowing that – not even through the stories of the sycophants you are surrounded by, most of whom have never served a day in uniform in their lives."

There's alot more to the letter.
Go read it.

A big Veterans Day hat-tip to Fixer at Alternate Brain.

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