Friday, November 18, 2005


From Crooks And Liars:

Always hard at work wasting lives and fucking up.


Tina said...

I just nabbed this from you and sent it to my dad, and he just called me and said: "You'll never know how grateful your mom and I are that we raised you right kid." My Marine daddy is not one for gushy emotions, so when he calls to tell me things like that, I know he means it. This war has always been rough for him, but with the last 2 days of Murtha speaking out in the news, I think it is just bringing back alot of Vietnam era memories for him. Thanks for passing this my way Grandpa Eddie!

granny said...

I should send it to some people too. It would be a lot more realistic if he was laughing or yelling at somebody though.

This picture let's you wonder if it doesn't matter a little bit to him.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You are quit welcome. I'm glad you sent it to your dad and I'm even more glad that he liked it.

Even though I didn't serve in 'Nam...was still in H.S., maybe I'll email ya the whole story later...I was completely opposed to that war, too. Just more lies to get us into a war to enrich corporate America.

Be my guest, dear. I hope your friends like it as much as Tina's dad did.

As far as the look on his face, I think it shows that he's concentrating on getting people killed. That's one of the few things he has concentrated on since taking office...that and destroying this country.

I really don't think it matters to him...nor does he many people die so he can be known as the "War President". If it did, we wouldn't be there now.