Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Cartoon Art by Matt Wuerker.


Tina said...

Grandpa Eddie: I am stealing this... and I would like to shove it down the throat and up the GOP tight ass of Mike the GOP freak at Karena's... I keep bitchslapping him... yet he still tries to spew his Republican motto of "I got mine. Fuck you if you can't get yours. You must be a lazy dumbass who asked for it." He attacked me today and said that I hated wealthy people b/c I am poor. Now, if I were in fact poor, there is certainly no shame in that, but I'm not, and an asshat like Mike simply can't grasp that Dems care about the poor not b/c we are poor, but b/c it is simply THE RIGHT THING to DO... true morals always escape these fiends.

Grandpa Eddie said...

You go right ahead and "steal" it. I wouldn't suggest shoving it up Mike's ass though, that wouldn't be good for your 'puter.

I've been over at Karena's and read the crap that he's been leaving there. He's been hitting Helen's blog, too, and doing the same thing there. He said that I was uneducated and jobless and that was the reason I was bashing the repukes.

Like most of them, he just doesn't get it.

Gordon said...

Good one. Sad but true.

Grandpa Eddie said...

"Sad but true."

Yeah, ain't it though.

granny said...

I heard that the Senate was meeting to discuss energy assistance for agricultural producers.

I know a lot of people who grow food and feed who never take a dime from the government and I know quite a few people who grow cattle and I don't know anybody who has ever taken government money.

Okay, I used to know a couple of people who got some federal dollars for wool a really long time ago.

Oh, I'm stealing too!

Grandpa Eddie said...

I have heard this also. The agriculture producers they are talking about are the big corporate producers, not the small family farms. They wouldn't think about helping the little guy.

granny said...

grandpa eddie,
I'm sorry my link to you isn't very visible- the robberblogger line is a link to this post.

I don't know but I'm getting pretty damn tired of supporting all the corporations, did you hear they are cutting Medicare and Medicaid while retaining all the corporate pork in the Medicare Pharmapayola Plan? I wish that I had kept track of all the solicitations the government has sent me about that one.

Just try watching television or listening to the radio without being bombarded with ads that we pay for telling us what a great deal that one is.

I hope Sunny is feeling better.