Monday, October 20, 2008


Here's a triple feature for ya kids.

From Alter Net:

10 Reasons for Democrats to Think Positive Despite the McCain Sleazathon

1. Obama shatters all fund-raising records in extraordinary September outpouring of $150 million.

2. Obama has a massive lead in newspaper endorsements: 94-28 including 18 that endorsed Bush in '04.

3. Sarah Palin is a major drag on McCain.

4. Obama is still strong in the polls -- despite a temporary softening, Obama hasn't really lost any ground.5. Obama is out-advertising McCain 4 -1.

5. Obama is out-advertising McCain 4 -1.

6. Conservatives and Republicans are bailing on McCain.

7. The sleaze isn't working so well.

8. Major Latino vote for Obama.

9. Early voting increases dramatically.

10. Obama's amazing grassroots, on-the-ground campaign to register and get voters to the polls.


The 10 Dirtiest Election Tricks the Republicans Have Tried So Far

1. Rush Limbaugh's Racist Tactics

2. Racist Attacks on Immigration

3. Robo-Calls

4. Widespread Voter Intimidation

5. RNC Sends out Preposterous Mailer Suggesting Obama Hates Newborn Children

6. Smears on ACORN

7. Outrage and Barbarism at McCain-Palin Rallies

8. McCain Hires Slimeball GOP Operative Who Sank His Own Chances in 2000 in South Carolina

9. Insider Whispering Campaign That Obama Is Really a Muslim

10. Insinuating that Obama's Gigantic Small Donor Fundraising Operation Is "Dangerous"

....and then the plunge.

Palin's Plunge: Voters Sour on McCain's VP Pick

By Thomas Edsall, Huffington Post
The more voters learn about Sarah Palin, the more wary they become. Her favorability numbers are dropping like a rock. Once the focus of post-convention Republican euphoria, the Alaska Governor is now viewed as a serious liability to the McCain campaign.

As it stands, Palin's polling numbers are daunting: with the unfolding economic crisis, her favorable to unfavorable ratings have switched from a positive 40-30, according to a September 12-16 New York Times survey, to a negative 32-41 in an October 10-13 survey.

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