Saturday, December 17, 2005


We all know or have heard of the voting vote Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

Here's some information from Shea at Constantly Amazed that everyone should read.

---> 20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA <---

"I urge everyone to go to that site, please, and review it, please, and spread it around the blogosphere, please. Americans who don't already know, need to know. The whole world needs to know. Nothing else matters if the neocon regime and their ilk continue to subvert and poison our most precious national resource."

Bonus Video

Click the link and go read the post...if you are interested at all about what's happening to our right to an honest and free election.


SheaNC said...

Hey, thanks for spreadin' the word, GE! You know, everytime I get into a conflict with a right-wing blogger or commenter about anything Bush, I think to myself, "the guy's not even supposed to be president!" And the rightists called us whiners and babies because we wouldn't accept the results of the "election(s)".

Now that all the damage has been done, they're doing some whining themselves. But it will take a long time for the world to recover from the great republican mistake.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Anytime, pal. Any little bit to help to get this country going again in the correct direction.

SheaNC said...

By the way, I believe I figured out what's happening with that subscription thing. Whenever I write a post and do a "save as draft", the subscription notification thing sends out an email describing it as a regular post. I save most things as a draft before I go pack to polish them and weed out my typos and half-baked thoughts, so I'll bet that's what has been happening! I'll have to save my not-ready-to-post posts as a text file, maybe. Thanks for letting me know about that one. Maybe they'll improve that service, one of these days!

Grandpa Eddie said...

"Whenever I write a post and do a "save as draft", the subscription notification thing sends out an email describing it as a regular post."

I can see how that would happen...Blogger is "half backed" 60% of the time.

SheaNC said...

And as we know, it only takes 51% to cause devastating repurcussions!

Grandpa Eddie said...

....just like Nov 2000 & 2004.

karena said...

Now the Deibold CEO has resigned at the request of the board of directors and there are questions about Deibold's handling of the employees 401k plan. Thanks for posting this.

Grandpa Eddie said...

With the top dog gone, maybe the shit will start rollin' down hill.

Bear said...

Grandpa Eddie,
Thanks for the heads up; we're doing our best to spread the word. I've mentioned them before, but EFF has been pursuing litigation against the electronic voting machine manufacturers for awhile, with some pretty good results. I strongly urge supporting them as much as possible.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Just tryin' to do my part to get this country back on the correct track.