Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Found at Buzz Flash:

Putrid and ugly are words that you'll hear,
Regarding this man, and his wicked career.
Evil! Dishonest! Unswervingly vile!
Simple and Stupid; a Bucket of Bile,
Isn't afraid to lie like a dog,
Doesn't perceive that he lives in a fog.
Eyes that remind me of Alfred E. Neuman,
Never once stopped a buck (take THAT, Harry Truman!).
Turd-Blossom Rove tells him just what to do:

Gifts for the wealthiest, nothing for you.
Even his college profs doubt his maturity.
Old people fear for their Social Security.
Reads nothing at all, except "My Pet Goat,"
Gave up on bin-Laden, took Iraq by the throat.
Environment doomed, 2000-plus dead.

World is appalled, economy bled.

Bully, tyrant, oil racketeer -
Uncurious George: Peddler of fear.
Surely the moment has finally been reached:
He's a failure, a criminal, and must be impeached.

Todd Lockwood
Bonney Lake, WA


SheaNC said...

Another Holiday Classic!

Tina said...

Grandpa Eddie: In honor of your poem, I will post an ode to Bush as well... maybe tonight for Friday. Hey... since ya "met" my pops online a few weeks ago... please check out this current thrown down that is taking place at my place at this post:
Holy crap Grandpa Eddie! My old man jumped into the fray and he is PISSED. He just called me and told me to check my blog... this is so not good. It is not good for him to get this mad. Yikes! I think I just may have to end this b/c tempers are hot. But, since I value your always succinct point of view so much, please feel free to check it out.

Gordon said...


Grandpa Eddie said...

Jingle bells!

I'd like to jingle his fuckin' bells.

I checked the comments on that post. Looks like Dad handled that pretty damn good.

Just where the fuck did this Opus come from anyway? Sounds like a troll repuke that likes to jump on a blog and start trouble.

Thanks, pal. That means alot to me.

Unadulterated Underdog said...

Say, that's pretty good. I always like a little folk-style songery. Good call Grandpa Eddie! This captures El Shrubbo in all of his refined wickedness and stupidity!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thank you.

" This captures El Shrubbo in all of his refined wickedness and stupidity!"