Sunday, July 24, 2005


I don't spend alot of time watching corporate television news...ABC, NBC, CBS, and the fascists at FOX...because I find it to be a waste of time, of course unless I want to pick apart the lies they all tell for Bush & Company. But today I found something very interesting while crusing through some of the blogs I like. There was a tidbit at Karena's Blog which led me to Pensito Review and then on to Americablog.

It seems that George Stephanopoulos had none other that Senator John McCain (R, Arizona) as a guest on ABC's "This Week." The interview was centered on Karl The Fascist Pig Rove’s involvement in the CIA leak involving the outing of agent Valerie Plame.

As I have discussed previously, Turd Blossom is not the only person inside the White House to have a connection with this scandel which is being called "Plamegate." As if this were on the same scale as Watergate; you remember, Nixon...lies...breaking and entering...secret tapes...and The Watergate a HOTEL not a person. There's quit a bit of difference between what Nixon and his hatchet men did and the assholes that are commiting treason.

As it turns out, Stephanoplous had what must have been a copy of the text of the security clearance agreement which was signed by Rove just pryer to taking his position in the government. This is the same security clearance agreement that all government officials must sign or they are not allowed to view, or be privy to, anything that has to do with national security.

The following is from the aforementioned security clearance agreement as read by Stephanoplous:

“I have been advised that any breach of this Agreement may result in the termination of any security clearance I hold; removal from any position of special confidence and trust requiring such clearances; or the termination of my employment…”

With that said, the interview continued as follows:

Stephanopoulos: Do you believe that this agreement should be abided by?

McCain: I do, but that also implies that someone knowingly revealed…

Stephanopoulos: This covers negligent disclosures

McCain: Again I don't know what the definition of "negligent" is.

This man is a United States Senator and he can't give anyone the definition of negligent. Somebody pleeeease get that boy a dictionary. Now he's either that stupid...which doesn't make Arizona look good...or he's trying to help run cover for Turd Blossom.

For the record I don't think people in the great state of Arizona are stupid. In fact I think they are rather intelligent, they don't live in snow country, tornado alley, earthquakeville, or hurricane land.

Now where was I...oh yes, I remember now. Therefore I do believe McCain was running cover for that arrogant fat fuck-head, and I think I know why.

Let's hark back to the 2000 Republican Presidential Primaries. McCain was actually leading Bush in the polls, primary voting, and the debates. People liked the man. He stood for what he believed in and stuck to his guns. He was doing quit well and probably would have been the next president instead of the idiot we have now.

Then along came Karl Rove. He put a stop to all that momentum McCain had built up by starting a smear campaign against him and his wife. Rumors started flying about McCain's wife being a drug addict and that he wasn't fit to hold the office. Of course that was easy for Rove because he's had so much practice fucking up other people's political lives.

Now John wants to make another run at the presidency in 2008 and he knows that he needs Karl The Fascist Pig Rove on his side. Without Turd Blossom McCain will be dead in the water before he even gets started. This is why McCain is sticking up for the fat fuck-head, to keep his political career and aspirations alive and going strong.

This is also why I think McCain is SPINLESS POND SCUM! He doesn't have the BALLS to stand up, tell the truth, and defend the country he once fought for and served time in the Hanoi Hilton for after being shot down. He had the fortitude to survive that but doesn't have enough to take a stand for what is right and right for his country.




granny said...

Impeach and put them behind bars.

If this was a good movie, we would see faithful poblic servants emerge to do a mass arrest and President Hassert would vow to serve out his term and then retire to spend time with his grandchildren.


Grandpa Eddie said...

Ooooh you are sooo right about that.

Too bad it's not just a good movie.

karena said...

Bad script, bad actors, bad directors and producers. This flick has got to go. Anyone who cares more about their personal aspirations than the future of this country is not qualified to lead. McCain needs to shut the f up and retire.

Grandpa Eddie said...


via said...

If he thinks that anything he says will make an ally of Rove, he needs to think again. Maybe he thinks he is taking the moral high ground in this race, but, you know, you can't do that with this bunch of bastards. You need to fight them where they stand, and that is in the sewer. I never thought I would feel this way, but I think it is going to take a revolution in the streets and on the House and Senate floors to serve justice on the Bush administration.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Revolution in the streets isn't the worst idea I've heard tossed around. In fact I think it's probably the best. Besides, it's constitutional.