Friday, July 29, 2005


Well, the chimp in the White House got his energy bill through the House of Representatives this week. What this bill will do, which will more than likely get passed in the Senate unless the chickenshit democrats block it, is put even more money into the hands of the big oil and energy companies.

Allow me to digress here for a moment to ask a question. Isn't the House of Representatives supposed to contain ladies and gentlemen...I use both those terms very loosely...who were elected by the people to represent the people and their best interests? If they were they're doing one really piss-poor job of it!

With that said, I'll now return to the original subject, theft. Yes, theft. Theft of your hard earned money in the form of taxes we all pay to keep this country going. Now a large portion of those tax dollars will be spent to cover for the loss of taxes that the energy industry will no longer be paying. Remember those one time tax breaks that Bush handed out? Well you can kiss any more of those good-bye. The loss of tax dollars from the energy industry will probably mean a tax increase for all the working stiffs in this country.

You know, chimpy is just trying to help out those poor folks who run all those buisnesses who are part of said industry. We all know they need the tax breaks to be able to make ends meet. For example, ExonMobile only had a profit of 7 plus billion dollars in clear profits, those which are over and above any costs, during the last three months. That's $7,000,000,000 in digits. Gee, having one tenth of one percent of that would enable my wife and myself to be very comfortable for the rest of our lives and let us leave all the kids and grandkids a healthy chunk of change when we're gone.

Not only do we all have to pay for skyrocketing gas and diesel prices, we will also have to cover their fucking asses for the taxes they will not be paying. Add to this the increases that the electric and natural gas and propane companies are getting and you've got an even bigger squeeze on the home budget for the common people.

This is Bush's economic theory in a nutshell: Take the money from the hard working people of this country and give it to the energy industry, big buisness types, and the rich bastards because they are the ones who really supported him and are the ones who, in his feeble mind, keep this country going.

This is called corporate welfare, plain and simple. Can't give any help to the poor or downtrodden because that's their own fault. Hell no. But damned if we aren't supposed to help those poor rich folks because they aren't making enough money off their investments.

Bush is going to keep fucking around with people's lives and money and, hopefully, it's going to cost him and the republicans. If, and that's a big if, people start waking up to the fact that the asshole in the White House is giving it to them in the ass there should be a big revolt at the ballot box in 2006 and again in 2008. If that doesn't work maybe taking it to the streets would be a good idea.

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