Saturday, July 23, 2005


On Thursday 21 July 2005 there were four more bombings in London, England. These four blasts were not as destructive, or deadly as the bombings of 7 July, which claimed the lives of fiftyseven people and injured an excess of five hundred. It now appears that the explosives used in Thursday's attacks were of the "homemade" variety not like the military explosives which were used previously. It has been reported that no Londoners were harmed in the explosions, and it seems that they were much smaller than the first ones. Although these most recent attacks did not carry the force of the previous ones, they all the same were intended to cause panic, destruction, and physical harm.

Scotland Yard has said that they have made two arrests in connection with the latest attacks. Bravo to them for moving so quickly. But, if they made these arrests so soon the question I have is did they know about these persons before and do nothing to prevent this most recent attack. Or will these two, in the end, be like the scholar who was arrested in Egypt and was found to have nothing to do with the 7 July bombings.

As I said before, no one was injured or killed during this most recent attack, except for one unfortunate soul who, it appears, was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This person looked as if he was of South Asian decent. South Asia consists of countries such as Pakistan, Afganistan, and Iran. It is said that he was wearing a long black coat which "appeared" to be bulky.

This person was followed at the Stockwell Tube Station by the police. As he boarded one of the trains he was aproached by four members of the security detachment. The officers proceded to throw him to the ground, covered him with their bodies, and then repeatedly shot him five times one shot being to the head.

Now I can understand why this would happen with all that London has been through this month, but if , and that's a big IF, he was carrying a bomb, why not try to disarm him first. This sounds like these officers were a little bit to jumpy. It also sounds alot like racial profiling, he looked like an he must be one of the terrorists.

Today we find out that he had nothing to do with either these recent bombings or the ones from 7 July. This man was innocent. An unarmed man slain because he looked like he might be a terrorist because of his heritage. This shooting was done by people who have the power to take a life because of the way someone looks. This is totally WRONG. No amount of apoligizing or justification will bring back this person who was someone's son, brother, husband.

If this can happen in a free and liberal society like Britian, just what is going to prevent it from happening here in the US. It may very soon come to the point here that the police, FBI, military, or others will start shooting people because they look like they just might possibly be a terrorist because they look like they might be of a South Asian decent, or because of the way they are dressed. You may think I'm crazy, but remember the reactions of alot of people to any teenagers who wore black after the Columbine shootings. If you were a teenager wearing black you were suspected of being a "nut case" with a gun. I, myself, wear something black all the time. I, like most teenagers, do so because I like black clothing. This does not mean that I am a terrorist or some "nut case" with a gun. In fact I haven't owned a gun in nearly thirty years.

Just because someone chooses to dress different than the "norm", or looks like they might be a muslim, or even if they are a muslim, does not mean that they are a terrorist or a "nut case". It just means that they are not like everyone else and they either are different or choose to be different. This country is a melting pot of all the nations, religions, thoughts, and beliefs of the entire world. We must accept everyone for who they are, where they have been, and where they are going in life. Not everyone fits into that quaint little conservative mold that so many people think we should all fit into or conform to.

I have been a non-conformist all my life, and I like it that way. There have been times that it has caused me problems but I've also gotten through those times. I feel that if someone doesn't like me because of the way I dress, or the length of my hair, or what I believe in, or how I live my life, that's their problem for their mind is closed to all the riches of diversity that the world holds. To those who "get in my face" about the previously stated things and tell me I should be more "like them" I say go fuck yourself, this is my life not yours.

Just because someone looks "different" or acts "different" or speaks a different language doesn't mean they are wrong in who they are. Just because a man wears a long black coat and "looks" like he might be of South Asian decent does not mean he is a terrorist or a threat and does NOT give anyone the right to take his life.





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