Friday, January 29, 2010


Today's Cartoon

....and we can do it with some serious cuts.

Maybe we should start with cutting the massive amounts spent on defense every fucking year.

Forty percent of the annual budget goes to defense. That's way more than any other country spends, percentage wise. But I guess if we did that we wouldn't be able to be the militaristic imperialists that we've grown to be so goddamn fucking good at. And that's all thanks to those fuckin' warmongering fascist neo-con rethuglican chickenhawk cock-suckin' bastards.

Motherfuckin' pieces of shit!

Cartoon stolen from Center for American Progress.


Riot Kitty said...

Thank you! I am so sick of the Republicans saying, "We can't afford Democratic policies." Where have they been during 2000-2008? Hellooooooo, defense spending and big biz tax breaks, and loose regulations, that got us into the fucking mess in the first place! But money where average people benefit? Good lord, no!

mikeb302000 said...

Amen, brother.