Monday, April 10, 2006


So Bush wants a regime change in Iran.....and I suppose God told him to do this, or was it James Dobson. Either way what the hell gives that little twit of a cowboy the right to decide who can run what country. I wonder how Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the neocon pricks would like it if some other country decided it was time for a regime change here.

From the Guardian Unlimited:

US plans Iran strike - report

The US is planning military action against Iran because George Bush is intent on regime change in Tehran - and not just as a contingency if diplomatic efforts fail to halt its suspected nuclear weapons programme, it was reported yesterday.

In the New Yorker magazine, Seymour Hersh, America's best known investigative journalist, concluded that the Bush administration is even considering the use of a tactical nuclear weapon against deep Iranian bunkers, but that top generals in the Pentagon are attempting to take that option off the table.

Hersh, who helped break the story of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal, quoted an unnamed Pentagon adviser as saying the resurgence of interest in tactical nuclear weapons among Pentagon civilians was "a juggernaut that has to be stopped" and that some senior officers and officials were considering resignation over the issue.

There is also rising concern in the US military and abroad that Mr Bush's goal in Iran is not counter-proliferation but regime change, the article reports. The president and his aides now refer to the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as a potential Adolf Hitler, according to a former senior intelligence official.

Another government consultant is quoted as saying Mr Bush believes he must do "what no Democrat or Republican, if elected in the future, would have the courage to do" and "that saving Iran is going to be his legacy".

"The word I'm hearing is messianic," Mr Hersh said yesterday on CNN. "[Bush] is politically free. He really thinks he has a chance and this is his mission."


Vincent Cannistraro, a former CIA counter-terrorism operations chief said Mr Bush had not yet made up his mind about the use of direct military action against Iran.

"There is a battle for Bush's soul over that," he said, adding that Karl Rove, the president's chief political adviser is adamantly opposed to a war.

However, Mr Cannistraro said covert military action, in the form of special forces troops identifying targets and aiding dissident groups, is already under way.

"It's been authorised, and it's going on to the extent that there is some lethality to it. Some people have been killed."

He said US-backed Baluchi Sunni guerrillas had been involved in an attack in Sistan-Baluchistan last month in which over 20 Iranian government officials were killed and the governor of the provincial capital was wounded. The Iranian government had blamed British intelligence for the incident.


The Washington Post reported that while no military action is likely in the short term, the possible targets went beyond suspected nuclear installations and included the option of a "more extensive bombing campaign designed to destroy an array of military and political targets".

It is a widespread belief in Washington's neo-conservative circles that a comprehensive air assault would disorient the Tehran government and galvanise the Iranian people into bringing it down. The departure of senior neo-conservatives from the administration after Mr Bush's 2004 re-election was thought to have weakened their clout, but Mr Hersh's report suggested that the president's personal convictions may yet prove decisive.

More of the article at the link.


Go see Fixer at Alternate Brain and see what he has to say about "Sanity".


Granny said...

I read the article earlier this morning and haven't had a chance to get back until now.

Is he insane? Never mind, he'd have to be. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and if he attacks another Middle Eastern country, I see nothing ahead but disaster.

Grandpa Eddie said...

If he isn't insane, he's at the least really screwed-up in the head.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend......"

There's alot of truth to that statement...and because of that, Bush is gonna bite off a whole lot more then he (or anyone) can chew.

Granny said...

I went back through the news and put something together for isamericaburning.

I wish I had more time for analyzing but I just don't.cjwasce

SheaNC said...

Disaster is right. When Bush invaded Iraq, he invaded a crippled country that we had been bombing repeatedly for a dozen years, and even then he still could not manage to succeed. Now he wants to go after a country that's three times the size of Iraq, with an intact, full-blown military, nuclear capablity, and he wants to fight them on their home turf? I swear, he is trying to bring about armageddon. The neocons are truly insane (not a figure of speech, either!).

SheaNC said...

Hey, Grandpa Eddie, I decided to adopt your anti-troll policy as my own. Free speech is important, but we can't allow blog pollution, can we? I wrote a post about a troll I had to delete, and I borrowed your anti-troll disclaimer. Thanks, man!

granny said...

you're depressing the living daylights out of me.

Hi to Mary, last time I checked, she was perking up but she hasn't updated :(

Grandpa Eddie said...

Thank you, every little bit helps get the message out.

I can understand what you mean about the time thing. I wish I had more time to be doing more and posting more but I just don't.

That's der fuhrer...the master of disaster. Only a complete fool, or mororn like the one in the WH, would be stupid enough to try something like this.
And yes, all the neocons are insane, literally....they're certifiable.

About the "anti-troll policy". I figured I best put something up "warning" all those idiots who scream "free speech" when something gets deleted. The ones that piss me off the most, who are also the ones who scream the loudest, are the ones who delete comments on a regular Esparella Humanzee.

Take it and use it, pal. So far it seems to be working here. Of course, the neocon nut cases are probably bitchin' to each other callin' me a commie for editing comments....but I don't give a rat's ass what they think about it.

Sorry about the depression dear, but I gotta keep tryin' to inform as many people as I can.

Mary's doin' good, she's just been real busy plus she kinda got burned out on the blog. She's been workin' on buying her folks house. It's a done deal. Now we have to make sure they get moved out ok and we get moved we've got about 2 wks left to get a garage here torn down. So, we're gonna both be real busy for awhile. I'm gonna put a post up about this whole mind boggling fiasco soon....hopefully this weekend.

EconAtheist said...

The man is fucking insane.

Anyhow -- I thought I'd liven up the mood with a quick reminder that THE BADGERS ARE BACK, BABY!

/2006 NCAA hockey champs

=) w00t!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Yeh, totally fucking insane!


Both men's and women's teams....what a year they both had!


Left of Center said...

I heard a retired Col. on cnn this morning that said he believed iran was already in the works. I hope it's not. I hope it's just one of many options the Pentagon presented.

Granny said...

From KOS

This didn't get any national attention, but yet another DHS employee--this one a TSA worker in Hailey, Idaho--has been arrested for kidnapping a 10 year old boy. The police found that the guy also had several different birth dates and Social Security numbers. You'd think DHS would have been able to screen this guy out.

End quote

I'm having link problems so I copied part of the KOS post from today for you instead. KOS has a link to the article or you can pick it up over on isamericaburning.

This makes 3 that we know of.

You do know you have two grannies in the comments, right? I'm the one with the avatar (from isamericaburning)

Tina said...

GrannyAnn: Holy cripe! Another DHS pervert? That is some statement about BushCo national security.

GrandpaEddie: I read this article and I think the UK's Jack Straw summed it up best by saying that "we'd have to be nuts to war with Iran." Well, Jack, since when has sanity EVER entered into a BushCo equation?

Happy Easter to you and Mary and the kids and grandkids. Let's all drown our sorrows in jelly beans, marshmallow peeps and PB eggs.

Grandpa Eddie said...

Left of Center,
I've got a feeling that that retired Col has it right. I think the idiot in charge is going to do things pretty much the same way he did with dealing with Iraq....pretend to try diplomacy while all the time making plans to bomb.

I'm sure we all know, by Bush's track record, that he doesn't care about diplomacy...he only cares about going to war. And the war preznit marches on.

Thank you sooo much for that info.

You would think that DHS would be able to weed out these perverts. Seeing how they can't it makes me wonder how many other criminals they have hired...of course, though, the perverts and other criminals fit right in with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the rest of the felons in this administration.

These people are supposed to be protecting us. The only thing they are protecting is Bush and his cronies. I wouldn't trust them to protect an empty warehouse.

PS: I know there are two of you Grannys that visit my and grannyinsanity...but you are easy to tell apart. I always get to see your pic...which makes it much easier for this ol' brain.

I saw that interview with Jack Straw. It kinda makes me wonder why he never stepped foward and said anything about the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Happy Easter to you, Hubby, and the munchkin. You can have the PB eggs....I'll take all the marshmallow peeps I can get my hands on. Love them things.