Tuesday, August 17, 2010


.....but only when it's convenient for them, and it fits into their sick self centered plans for the world.

From Slate:

The same way they use their bible....only the parts which fit their need.

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Seeing Eye Chick said...

They can't even fucking read. Don't blow smoke up my skirt Grandpa! When our Government started Confiscating the studies of Independent Scientists in the Gulf, and violating the First and the 4th Amendments of these American Citizens by doing so, the Teabaggers Should have come unglued. When BP was basically given defacto Police powers to confiscate cameras from American citizens and to bar the press from the beaches and the like, all while using a foreign owned Security firm Wackenhut? The Trashbaggers should have come unglued. But they didn't. When our own government agencies decided to withhold their data from the people during a time of crisis in a way that endangers us all, data that is normally and was prior a matter of public record, the Douchebaggers should have come unglued {hello Sunshine Laws, FOIA anyone} but nope. They is too stupid.

They wouldn't know the Constitution if it cured up around their dicks and took a bite out of crime.