Monday, June 28, 2010


As the Tea Party, I like to refer to them as teabaggers, continue to stir up the deep seated hatred and bigotry of the feeble-minded Fukz Newz watchers, we face the threat of the Rethuglican absurdities quickly turning into atrocities soon after the November elections.

I fear that anyone who does not stand with the Rethuglicans will suffer for it.

The following is from TPJmagazine:

The Outrageous

By Loren Adams, 27 June 2010

How can one forget the most absurd by succumbing to yet another rightwing takeover of the American political landscape? The nation races toward November at a frightening pace – onward to the resurgence of absurdities – absurdities that potentially lay ground for atrocities – a condition so fluently articulated by Voltaire of the 18th century.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”Voltaire (Fran├žois-Marie Arouet) French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)

The right-wing so-called “Tea Party Movement” is energized to capture the 2010 midterm; while progressives are depressed due to Obama’s relentless compromises and weak posturing on key issues significant to the base. Yes, progressives would be energized if Obama and the Democratic Congress would have shown some spine instead of whine.

Meanwhile we race toward a new form of fascism – yet with the same toxic ingredients that constituted Nazi Germany’s political recipe: (1) racial hatred; (2) self-righteousness; (3) religious zealotry; (4) ceremonial patriotism; (5) militarization; (6) national purity and superiority (now proudly referred to as “American exceptionalism”); and (7) the national craving for strong-man leadership.

The only thing missing is a national rightwing leader that can fill the role of an American fuhrer.


Over the course of too many years

Rightwing extremists have elicited tears —

America’s priceless treasures brought to naught

Lost liberties forebears’ blood hath bought.

Betting on terrorists from Pentagon’s hall;

Special software designed to accommodate all.

Felon Poindexter cleared to bet;

Though Donald Rumsfeld will ne'er regret.

Three trillion taxdollars blown so quick

So juvenile Junior could get his kick

Praying and preying where next to hit;

Deafening congressional silence, condemns not a bit.

Color-code terror, all clever and nice;

Like war room computer game with a throw of the dice.

Outrageous behavior from White House each day

Public accustomed to lunacy without much say.

Saddam’s boys were plastered on cards so sweet

So Bush’s boys could celebrate Hussein’s defeat.

King of Hearts, Diamonds, Spades were dealt

So death became recreational, Decadent Rome we felt.

That’s how evil empires unraveling act;

Jaded minds, diabolic tastes, nothing of fact.

Pious mania, delusions of grandeur, vain pride

Republic no longer great on virtues’ side.

Remember Ashcroft’s surveillance smugly called TIPS?

Created so fellow Americans would snitch from the lips?

Spying on everyone, librarians too!

Is how to find sleeper cells and discover who?

Terrorists tote almanacs for targets to show

According to Bush that’s how evildoers know

Where to plant bombs, shoot missiles and slam

Icons of interest that’ll go down with a blam.

“So look for them almanacs,” Bush says with a sneer

“ ‘Cause that’s how to tell terrorists from a peer.”

Outrageous to most, pre-9/11 would not buy;

But then we gulped Kool-Aid and believed every lie.

Remember rude nude statues in Justice’s hall?

Ashcroft embarrassed so he covered them all.

Eighty thou taxdollars to blanket balls and breast

Of artpieces most ancient now duly dressed.

Duct tape and plastic, how could we miss?

Ways to protect the homeland and escape death’s kiss.

And don’t forget mall shopping, a slap in terror’s face;

Pretend nothing’s happened just to solve the case.

But gladly strip for inspectors at airport gate;

Bare feet for freedom, frisked for fearful fate.

Discard those clippers, liquids and files

While matches conceded, tobacco lobby smiles.

Free-speech zones – another hassle de Bush

Attack First Amendment, steal rights with a shush.

Cuff Dems infiltrating public sphere

Sufficiently brave to vault and appear.

No-fly lists were secretly set to strip

Anti-war Democrats from any airline trip.

Ted Kennedy, Al Gore and Michael Moore

All names liberal for DHS to keep in store.

Forget real terrorists, just you never mind

Goal is – so lefties are caught in a bind.

Politicization is all that really counts

In Bush’s war on terror payback mounts.

Outrage after outrage, they seemed ne’er to end;

Bush stubbornly sought to far outspend

Any other in history, remarkable legacy set

Heritage of decay, destruction and debt.

So, how can we forget absurdities long

By caving to the new Tea Party throng?

Foulmouthed frauds and rabid racists never see

How Bush took us to the brink, the loss of prosperity.

They’d rather heap blame on the new-sworn black man,

Regurgitating lies about birth, gays and god they can

Sway ignorance, inflame weak, and set nation on course

To depression, civil unrest, financial ruin and worse.

Our only salvation lies in reason and hope

For courageous leaders to finally cope

With a splintered nation laden with tears

Longing to be inspired for future years.


Riot Kitty said...

I hope they become extinct!

Grandpa Eddie said...

Me, too, RK. Both the teabaggers AND the Rethuglicans.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot! I lost my comment.

Anyway, I've stopped by here several times in the past and noticed that you took a break from blogging just like I did.

The other day, I was thinking about how the Nazi's made people carry "papers" with them and the Republicans and Teabaggers would love to see everyone carry "papers" with them. They must be Nazi sympathizers.

I've been hanging out at TheZoo.

Stop by sometime.

Cats r Flyfishn

Grandpa Eddie said...

Hi Cats! Yeah, I took a break for awhile...needed one.

Rethuglicans/Teabaggers = Nazis


Thanks for stopping by Cats. Hope to get over to your blog soon.