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Wisconsin, my home, is a beautiful state. Wonderful natural resorces, beautiful landscapes, lots of wildlife (both natural and man-made). There's lots to do here...camping, fishing, get the idea. Great people here, too. Progressive, caring, concerned...well most of them. Like all states we do have our jerks, aka assholes. Some of our biggest jerks, aka assholes, work (or pretend to work) in Washington,D.C. The biggest asshole on my mind right now is

Representative James Sensenbrenner Jr. Republican 5th District, the new Joe McCarthy. For those of you who don't remember "Uncle" Joe (or have never heard of him), he was the Senator during the 1950's who started the "Unamerican Activities" investigations that totally ruined the lives of thousands of honest, hard working people in this country.

Below is an exerpt from "Think Progress" that was posted June 11, 2005 which will give you an idea of what kind of fascist asshole Sensenbrenner is.....

"Sensenbrenner Drunk With Power"

"Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s behavior at yesterday’s Patriot Act hearings was truly outrageous – but hardly out of character."

"This is the same Sensenbrenner who wants to give Congress the authority to ‘police the behavior’ of judges, a full-fledged assault on the separation-of-powers doctrine."

"The same Sensenbrenner who negotiated the REAL ID Act in a series of secret backroom deals from which minority party members were barred. The same Sensenbrenner who led efforts to ram through that controversial act without a single hearing in either chamber of Congress."

"The same Sensenbrenner who literally rewrote amendments, offered by Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and others, to make them appear to have been written to help sexual predators evade the law."

"The same Sensenbrenner who was so desperate to obstruct the 9/11 Commission intel legislation that he actually rejected language that he himself had submitted."

"The same Sensenbrenner who actually encourages the Patriot Act to be used in cases not related to terrorism."

"At some point, one wonders: when does such disregard for limits, such extreme abuse of power, become something other than democracy?"

My thanks to Nico for this posting at "Think Progress".

Sad thing is, he isn't the only moronic-fascist-idiot-asshole we have sent to Washington. But, being a progressive state, we do try to balance out the jerk-offs with some real good ladies and gentlemen. The following, which was going to be part of a "letter to the editor" until they said it was too long, should explain what I mean....

On June 15th, 2005 a rollcall vote was taken in the House of Representatives. This vote was on an amendment to the Privacy Bill, H.R. 2862, which was introduced by Rep. Bernie Sanders (I) of Vermont. Through a bipartisan coalition the amendment passed blocking the FBI and Justice Department from using the Patriot Act to search library and bookstore records without a search warrant. The vote talley was 238 Yes, 187 No, and 8 Not Voting.

Those Representatives from Wisconsin voting for this amendment were Democrats Tammy Baldwin (2nd), Ron Kind (3rd), Gwen Moore (4th), David Obey (7th), and Republican Thomas Petri (6th). Hats off to all of them for standing up for our freedom to be able to read what we wish without the fear of the government (i.e. Big Brother) spying on us for what we read.
Those Representatives from Wisconsin votingagainst this amendment were Republicans Paul Ryan (1st), James Sensenbrenner Jr. (5th), and Mark Green (8th). For some reason these McCarthyites believe it is alright for the government (i.e. Big Brother) to keep track of everything we read.

As a life-long resident of the 1st District of the great progressive state of Wisconsin I, personally, find it very offensive and disconcerting that my elected official, who is in Washington to represent the best interests of my district, would feel it more important to keep track of what I read than protect the freedoms and liberties afforded me and my fellow citizens by the Constitution.

I do so hope that the people of the 1st District will take note of this vote and others (Bankruptcy Bill, Schiavo Bill, Iraq War, Tax Reduction for the Rich, (un)Patriot Act for examples) where Rep. Ryan has voted against the working stiffs of this country and vote his ass out when his present term is up! I am tired of my representative being a mouth-piece for an administration that lied to get this country into a war for the benifit of his friends and political backers, and continues to lie to try to cover-up all the previous lies.

So you see folks, McCarthyism has reared it's frickin' butt-ugly head again in the form of one James "The Fascist Asshole" Sensenbrenner Jr. with his side-kicks Paul "The Fascist Jerk-Off" Ryan and Mark "The Fascist Pin-Head" Green.

To all Citizens and Patriots:



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