Sunday, May 15, 2005

Government Brainwashing

I just read an article about Condi Liar Rice's "supprise" visit to Iraq. This article was found on the CNN web site. She was speaking to U.S. troops. There was a quote she made near the top of the story that had to do with why our troops are fighting in Iraq. Her quote was "This war came to us, not the other way around". I went back to the same article a few minutes later and the quote had been moved down near the bottom of the story. Gee, did someone in the White House not like the placement of the quote? Could it be that the White House doesn't think people will read the entire article? And what's wrong with CNN? They're looking like a bunch of chicken-shits cowtowing to a bunch of fascists, falling in line with the rest of the main stream press.

Even with all the proof from the 9/11 Commision Report the fascists in the White House and the rest of Washington still want everybody to believe that Saddam was at fault for the attacks on the World Trade Center. They don't want the public to know that the Bushiveks had already made plans to invade Iraq shortly after Dubya stole the 2000 election.

We need to wake-up, people! We need to stop the brainwashing of our children and grand-children. Bush and his fascist-bastard friends only want to use them as cannon fodder for their pursuit of riches from oil and world domination.



Here's an idea, lets send all the chicken-hawks who want this war and support it and their children and grand-children over there to fight. I'm willing to bet that we would be out in a very short time.


Owen said...

I think it's atrocious how the media has obviously pandered to the White House for the last five years. The smartest thing Bush ever did for himself was to draw a line in the sand where you were either with him or against him. George Orwell had it right, but he was about 16 years off.

Anonymous said...

You SINCERELY make me sick. Yes, I understand that this is your page and you prefaced it with saying you were a far left liberal... so this is my comment and I would like to say I am incredibly conservative.

If we weren't over there fighting on their lands, they would be here fighting on ours. You say let's send the pro-war fanatics over to fight and see how long it takes for us to pull out, I say let's pull out and see how long it takes for the enemy to come onto OUR soil. I bet you would have a problem with it then.

Bush wants what is best for our country. Even if you don't believe he's doing what's best.

He's in office, making sure you have the FREEDOM to speak slander against our government. If you were in another country right now, you would not be allowed to live for having such awful thoughts against the government. Show some respect.

someone who quite obviously thinks the polar opposite of what you do.